Colours to bring colour to your life

Our extensive and delicious colour range is based on the 20 magnificent colours of the Classic series. By combining a variety of colours to a variety of knits we have designed, the colour and tone selection is almost unlimited.

Classic colours - basic colour map

Here you can see all the thread colours available and in stock. The smooth, beautifully descending knitted surface is made of 100% linen yarn.
Curve colours

Shade colours - a velvety surface to shade or bring colour

A rather soft, velvety surface will bring a new look to a linen knitted garment. You wouldn't even believe this is knitted at first sight. The first number pair of the colour code refers to the main colour. The one or two colours following the main colour's number pair tint - the dark colours shade, the light bring colour.

Side colours - two colours side by side

The main colour dominates the surface and you will find its number pair in the first part of the colour code. A side colour brings out stripes and spots, and the number pair can be found at the end of the colour code.

Scarf colours - transparent stripes

Delicate, translucent stripes are available for scarves and ponchos. Available in 1, 2, and 3 colours. The main colour is indicated by the first number pair and the following number pairs bring tones and depth with their colours.